Mystic Sands works happily with all the whale swimming companies in Vava'u and we are able to make packages with them to get better prices, contact us directly for more information. 

Below is a copy of some general information about whale swimming in Tonga in general.






Whale season in Vava'u is mid-July through October and sometimes into early November. This time of year is Tongan winter but the temperature is around 77 F (25 C) and only drops slightly in the night. Locals and expats alike were shorts all year. The humidity is not bad and aircon is not required this time of year.

the water temperature is only 20% less than the air. You would normally not need a wet suit for this temperature but most companies will give you one anyway so you dont get cold from the in and out of water and motoring from spot to spot. 

it is not allowed to scuba withe the whales and all tours come with a mandatory guide that will only let groups of 4 (plus guide) into the water at the same time. if the boat has 6 or 8 passengers you will be divided into groups and take turn on swimming with the whales.   


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