Check in/out times and Cancellation policies

Check in/out times

Check-In 12.00 pm. Check-Out 10.00 am Late checkout is sometimes allowed if next guest are checking in late or vise versa.

Deposits and Cancellations:

In response to changing marketplace conditions, we are committed to ensuring our guest experience flexibility during these challenging times. We have temporarily modified our Booking/Cancellation Policies/Terms:

Guest making new reservations for any future arrival date from 31 March 2020:

Deposit is non-refundable - Final payment is required 30 days before arrival - In the case of modification/cancellation due to a pandemic or other similar events any deposit/payment paid will be transferred and used as future payment for up to 24 months from original stay date. Please note that changes to the reservations will be subject to availability and any rate differences.

We highly recommend all guest to purchase adequate travel insurance. A good insurance should cover all your health needs in case of illness, including repatriation, potential financial loss due to airline/ferry/or any third-party transportation reschedule, or resort payments and fees lost.

Guest are responsible to comply with any country entry protocols.

* Mystic Sands is not responsible for exchange rates. The currency you book in will be converted to Tongan Pa'anga (local currency) using online rates.

* If you are booking one of our special deals where we give discounts in the price the payment is immediate, and it is not possible to cancel or modify the booking.

* Mystic Sands reserves the right to charge your credit card to collect payment.

* As of 2020 we are no longer adding credit card fees to direct bookings (In Tonga this would have been an extra 4%)

* Mystic Sands reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the credit card provided at the time of booking is not correct.

* By confirming the booking, you agree to hold harmless and release from any liability to Lata’anga Holdings Ltd. trading as Mystic Sands.

*Group Bookings policies are different, please enquire directly with us if you are booking 3 or more rooms.

* Confirming the booking and paying the deposit is considered as accepting these Terms.


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