The short version:

It should always be cheaper & better to book directly with us. In addition to the financial benefit of a cheaper price and more  payments options we also get in direct contact and thus can help you more with indevidual planning. 


The long version:

Dear potential guest at Mystic Sands. In todays global hotel market there are literally hundreds of ways to book hotels and we try to be represented on as many as we can. 

The algorytm takes over and big companies like Expedia and is giving us many bookings but it is also really expensive. For example demands a minimum of 15% commission to them, then they want between 5 and 15% extra that they can use for their advertising programs like 'genius members' and on top of this they remind us all the time that we should be posting specials for christmas, easter, black friday, summer, winter, early booker, last minute booker and all kind of other sales where we are expected to give 5-20% more in discounts. After all of this we are billed by them in USD and forced to use USD as our corrency on the platform even though we are in a country that uses another currency so add 5% in loss on exchange and bank stuff too. Needless to say this is not good business for us.  

All of the above creates a situation where we have to inflate our prices to break even which in turn makes your stay more expensive than it could have been  :-(

The above said, we have tried our very best to make it so that booking directly on our website gives you the best price available and also the most added benefits like no card fees and a delicious free breakfast. 

If you can Please do book directly with us, this should make it cheaper for you and better for us, a true win-win situation.

Thank you in advance for your support, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly. 2022 | Privacy Policy